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Our Surgery Center

Offering our patients privacy with a caring personal touch

The doctors of Ocala Plastic Surgery provide outstanding surgical care at our on-site surgical center, Paddock Park Surgery Center.

Our surgery center provides a caring staff and a convenient location for outpatient procedures.  We offer many of the same facilities and services of a hospital, but in a setting geared specifically toward outpatient surgical procedures and recovery.  Our surgery center consists of a pre-op consultation area, our state-of-the-art operating room, a post-op recovery area, a waiting room, and a private discharge area.

Paddock Park Surgery Center offers our patients privacy with a caring, personal touch.  We are a state-licensed, federally certified ambulatory surgery center staffed by professionals with many years of experience in the surgical field.   We are Medicare certified through CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services).  We adhere to all rules and regulations at all times.  We are recognized for our compassionate bedside manner and we are the most experienced surgical center in the area.

Our nurses, CSTs, and ancillary staff have unmatched experience, and we provide the best care available in the area.  We strive to be competitive and efficient, while offering a higher level of care.

At our Surgery Center we strive to create the most caring, professional setting for you or your loved ones to receive the best care available.  From the moment of your first visit, we will make every effort to make you as comfortable as possible.  Compassion is our core objective.  You, the patient, are the person that matters most to us.  The culture here is all about you and making your experience as smooth and care-free as possible.


A pre-op consultation at the surgery center
A patient is ready for her procedure
A patient is comforted by surgery center staff



As a prospective patient of our Practice and Surgery Center, you have the right to a personalized estimate for the cost of any service our Surgery Center provides. To receive this, please fill out the “request a consultation” below OR you may call our office at (352) 629-8154 and speak to any member of the surgeon’s team regarding a personalized estimate. You may also inquire as to our billing practices and which insurance providers and health maintenance organizations we participate with at our Surgery Center. Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any concerns or questions regarding your coinsurance obligation (if applicable) and/or payment options.


Our Surgeons, Dr. Rogers and Dr. Nijher are owner/members of The Aesthetic Center for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. They are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons located at 3320 S.W. 34th Circle, Ocala, Florida 34474; (352) 629-8154. No other surgeons practice at our Surgery Center.

Patients may access the State of Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration website at this link for information:

In addition, to learn more about Price Transparency, Patient Billing and Florida rule 59A-5.032, F.A.C. Click here


It is expected that deductibles, co-payments, and other amounts not covered by insurance will be paid prior to services being provided. Accepted forms of payment include cash, personal check, and credit card. Payment may be made over the phone prior to your procedure or at check in at Paddock Park Surgery Center (PPSC). If you have questions at any time, let us know.


After you’re discharged, a statement will be mailed to you for any balance due after your insurance company has processed your claim. Payment is due upon receipt and may be made by cash, personal check or credit card.

If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact Paddock Park Surgery Center at (352) 629-8154.

If Paddock Park Surgery Center believes that you have health insurance and/or HMO coverage(s) that may cover some or all of the Services, PPSC may initiate contact with them to determine your cost-sharing responsibilities for PPSC’s bill. You may contact them directly as well for additional information concerning your cost-sharing responsibilities. If PPSC determines that you have cost-sharing responsibilities for the bill, in accordance with PPSC’s financial assistance policies, you will be required to pay your cost-sharing responsibilities in full on or before the date that Services are provided. PPSC’s financial assistance policies are that if you are unable to pay your cost-sharing responsibilities in full on or before the date that Services are provided, because you believe you are medically indigent or you are not covered by any health insurance or HMO, then upon request PPSC, in its sole discretion, may offer you a discount on the amount due and/or offer a payment plan. Any such discount is considered by PPSC to be “charity care.” There is no formal application process for obtaining “charity care” at PPSC. Paddock Park Surgery Center’s standard collection policy is to produce and send one or more bills to patients for their cost sharing amount.


Upon your request, and before the provision of non-emergency care at Paddock Park Surgery Center, you can receive a good faith estimate of anticipated charges for the treatment of your condition at Paddock Park Surgery Center. This estimate must be provided to you within seven (7) days of the request being received by Paddock Park Surgery Center. You should contact your insurer or health maintenance organization regarding your cost-sharing responsibilities. You may request and obtain a Good Faith Estimate by calling Paddock Park Surgery Center at (352) 629-8154.


Upon request and after discharge from Paddock Park Surgery Center we will provide a statement within 7 working days of your request.


Services may be provided in this health care facility by Paddock Park Surgery Center as well as by other health care providers who may separately bill the patient and who may or may not participate with the same health insurers or health maintenance organizations as Paddock Park Surgery Center. You may request a more personalized estimate of charges from these other health care providers by contacting the health care providers directly. Paddock Park Surgery Center may contract with providers for pathology and anesthesiology services; these services are billed separately from Paddock Park Surgery Center for their services. You may contact these providers through their contact information provided below.


Nature Coast Anesthesia Providers, P.A.
421 SE Alfred Markham St
Lake City, FL 32025
(386) 697-1364 (Billing Questions)

AmeriPath (acct# ACC) & Quest (acct# 35180)
800-561-6991 (Billing Questions)

877-442-3226 (Billing Questions)




The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) launched Florida Health Price Finder, a new health care transparency tool for consumers. The new website allows consumers and caregivers to look up the average amounts paid by Florida insurance plans for a specific service, giving them a better estimate of their total out-of-pocket expenses. The service bundle information is a non-personalized estimate of costs that may be incurred by the patient for anticipated services and actual costs will be based on services actually provided to the patient. The average amounts paid by insurance plans are based on billions of lines of claims data from three Florida health plans. Claims data from additional health plans are expected to be added to the database in 2018.

  • The website lists the services as “care bundles”. A care bundle includes the steps and procedures that are part of a typical treatment plan for that specific care bundle. For example, the care bundle for Knee Replacement includes an office visit with a specialist, surgery, outpatient physical therapy/rehabilitation and follow-up visits.
  • Since 2007, Floridians have been able to use FloridaHealthFinder.gov to look up undiscounted hospital charges, however, this is rarely the amount that individuals or insurance companies are expected to pay. Now, with this new tool, and in conjunction with working with their respective insurance plans, Floridians have the opportunity to get a much better estimate of out-of-pocket costs for specific services.

Florida Health Price Finder – https://price.healthfinder.fl.gov



  • Receive access to equal medical treatment and accommodations regardless of race, creed, sex, national origin, religion or sources of payment for care.
  • Be fully informed and have complete information, to the extent known by the physician, regarding diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, procedure and prognosis, as well as the risks, side effects, and expected outcomes associated with treatment and procedure prior to the procedure.
  • To give or withhold informed consent, participate in making decisions about his/her care, treatment, or services.
  • Exercise his or her rights without being subjected to discrimination or reprisal.
  • Voice grievances regarding treatment or care that is (or fails to be) provided.
  • Personal privacy.
  • Receive care in a safe setting and be treated with dignity.
  • Be free from all forms of abuse, exploitation, or harassment.
  • Receive the care necessary to regain or maintain his or her maximum state of health and if necessary, cope with death.
  • Receive notice of their rights prior to the surgical procedure in verbal and written notice in a language and manner that ensures the patient, or the patient’s representative, or the patient’s surrogate understand all of the patient’s rights.
  • Expect personnel who care for the patient to be friendly, considerate, respectful and qualified through education and experience, as well as perform the services for which they are responsible with the highest quality of services.
  • Be fully informed of the scope of services available at the facility, provisions for after hours care and related fees for services rendered.
  • Be a participant in decisions regarding the intensity and scope of treatment. If the patient is unable to participate in those decisions, the patient’s rights shall be exercised by the patient’s designated representative or patient’s surrogate other legally designated person.
  • Make informed decisions regarding his or her care.
  • Refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and be informed of the medical consequences of such refusal. The patient accepts responsibility for his or her actions including refusal of treatment or not following the instructions of the physician or facility.
  • Approve or refuse the release of medical records to any individual outside the facility, or as required by law or third-party payment contract.
  • Be informed of any human experimentation or other research/educational projects affecting his or her care of treatment and can refuse participation in such experimentation or research without compromise to the patient’s usual care.
  • Express grievances/complaints and suggestions at any time and to have those reviewed by the organization.
  • Access to and/or copies of his/her medical records.
  • Be informed as to the facility’s policy regarding advance directives/living wills.
  • Be fully informed before any transfer to another facility or organization and ensure the receiving facility has accepted the patient transfer.
  • Express those spiritual beliefs and cultural practices that do not harm or interfere with the planned course of medical therapy for the patient.
  • Expect the facility to agree to comply with Federal Civil Rights Laws that assure it will provide interpretation for individuals who are not proficient in English.
  • Have an assessment and regular assessment of pain.
  • Education of patients and families, when appropriate, regarding their roles in managing pain.
  • To change providers if other qualified providers are available.
  • If a patient is adjudged incompetent under applicable state health and safety laws by a court of proper jurisdiction, the rights of the patient are exercised by the person appointed under State law to act on the patient’s behalf.
  • If a state court has not adjudged a patient incompetent, any legal representative designated by the patient in accordance with state laws may exercise the patient’s rights to the extent allowed by state law.



  • Be respectful and considerate of other patients and personnel and assist in the control of noise, eating and other distractions.
  • Respecting the property of others and the facility.
  • Reporting whether he or she clearly understands the planned course of treatment and what is expected of him or her.
  • Keeping appointments and, when unable to do so for any reason, notifying the facility and physician.
  • Providing care givers with the most accurate and complete information regarding present complaints, past illnesses and hospitalizations, medications, including over-the-counter products and dietary supplements, any allergies or sensitivities, unexpected changes in the patient’s condition, or any other patient health matters.
  • Follow the treatment plan prescribed by his/her provider and participate in his/her care.
  • Provide a responsible adult to transport him/her home from the facility and remain with him/her for 24 hours, if required by his/her provider.
  • Observing prescribed rules of the facility during his or her stay and treatment and, if instructions are not followed, forfeit of care at the facility.
  • Promptly fulfilling his or her financial obligations to the facility and accept personal financial responsibility for any charges not covered by his/her insurance.
  • Identifying any patient safety concerns.



All patients have the right to participate in their own health care decisions and to make Advance Directives or to execute Powers of Attorney that authorize others to make decisions on their behalf based on the patient’s expressed wishes when the patient is unable to make decisions or unable to communicate decisions. Paddock Park Surgery Center respects and upholds those rights.

Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality care in a safe environment that places the patient at the center of our care. We respect your rights to participate in make decisions regarding your care and self determination and will carefully consider your requests. After careful consideration and reviewing the applicable state regulation, the leadership of the facility has established a policy to initiate resuscitative or other stabilizing measures and transfer you to an acute care hospital for further evaluation. The majority of procedures performed at Paddock Park Surgery Center are considered to be of minimal risk, hence the risk of you needing such measures are highly unlikely. At the acute care hospital, further treatment or withdrawal of treatment measures already begun will be ordered in accordance with your wishes, advance directive, or health care power of attorney.

You have the option of proceeding with care at our facility or having the procedure at another location that may not set the same limitations. Having been fully informed of our Statement of Limitations, you choose to proceed with your procedure at Paddock Park Surgery Center.

If you wish to complete an Advance Directive, copies of the official State forms are available at our facility.

If you do not agree with this facility’s policy, we will be pleased to assist you in rescheduling your procedure.


To report a complaint or grievance you can contact the facility Administrator by phone at (352) 629-8154 or by mail at:

Paddock Park Surgery Center
3320 SW 34th Cir., Ocala, FL 34474

Medicare beneficiaries may receive information regarding their options under Medicare and their rights and protections by visiting the website for the Office of the Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman at:



Favor de visitar esta sección para ver la información sobre (a) sus derechos y responsabilidades referente a su cirugía, (b) cómo levantar un agravio, si lo desea, (c) derecho de propiedad de los médicos de nuestro centro y (d) la política de nuestro centro con respecto a los directivos anticipados.

derechos y responsabilidades

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