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Andrea’s Story

Posted on February 3, 2022 by Ocala Plastic Surgery


In grade school, I noticed my features differed from my friends’. Bus rides were long. I was constantly being made fun of for having buck teeth, a prominent forehead, and big lips. I’d go home and look in the mirror, posing with different angles and holding my lower lip in to feel better about myself. I never really got over the harsh words, but the embarrassment eased.

It wasn’t until I immersed myself in the world of aesthetics as a PA that things finally clicked. A coworker commented that I could use a chin, and then I realized—I could use a chin.

In December 2020, I explored my options to balance my profile. Before this, I didn’t know there were options such as jaw realignment surgery, dermal fillers, and silicone chin implants.

I opted for the implant with Dr. James Rogers; the procedure was done under general anesthesia with an incision just below my chin. I also had a bit of liposuction performed to the anterior neck, which gave me more of a jawline.

My recovery involved ice packs, bruising, and surgical headbands. The discomfort was minimal. I felt numbness to the area, and the swelling improved after a few weeks. Despite the bruising and swelling, I was utterly in awe of my new look the first time I changed my bandages.

Does my new chin projection meet beauty calculation standards set by skilled physicians in the field? No. Is my profile perfectly balanced? No. Am I completely in love with my results and more confident in my appearance? Absolutely! I still have an overbite and a large forehead, but I also have new confidence that I didn’t realize was possible! I’m no longer afraid that someone will catch my side profile in a photo, and I like my larger bottom lip as it now has the structure to rest on.

Andrea Flynn is an Aesthetic Physician Assistant with Ocala Plastic Surgery in The Villages, FL (injecting Botox/dermal fillers and working with lasers). Originally from Rio Grande, Ohio, Andrea graduated from Marietta College in Marietta, OH, with an MS in Physician Assistant Studies in 2009. Her favorite hobbies are spending time with her two children, listening to audiobooks, and crafting. 

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